MFSX 2018:

Factory Connection Bongi's Turkey Roost Bettencourts Honda / Suzuki

Event Information:


Rider Classifications / membership: There is not a special membership required to compete in this event however, rider must belong to a motocross organization such as NESC, NCSC, NEMX, NEMA, or comparable motocross organization and must have proper rider classification (Novice 250/450/Amateur/Expert status with the exception of the 50cc class).

Riders MUST show their competition card at sign up (NESC, NEMX, NCSC, etc..)


Classes being held:

  • 250 Pro
  • 450 Pro
  • 250 B
  • 450 B
  • Open B
  • 250 C
  • 450 C
  • 85cc A/B
  • Super Mini A/B
  • 65cc A/B
  • 50cc ages 7 and Under
  • 50cc ages 8 and Older

Entry Fee's:
Pro class: $40.00 first class, $30 second class
All other classes: $30 first class, $20 second class


Marshfield Fair Supercross rider entry form - Click here!

Gate Fee: $10.00 (General Fair admission)



Riders are encouraged to pre enter.

Pre entry address:

South Shore Promotions


North Carver, MA 02355


Wednesday Supercross Race Day Schedule

Sign up/Check in time: 10a.m.- 12:00 Noon

Mandatory Rider's Meeting: 12 Noon

Practice: Immediately following riders meeting

Qualifiers: 2:00p.m. (16 riders from each class transfer into main event)
All classes will have races, this will determine gate pic for the main events and allow riders more track time

Night Program: 6:00 p.m. (Pro qualifiers, and all main events)



Tuesday PIT BIKE MADNESS and Open Practice!


Tuesdays events:

We will be holding pit bike races tonight Tuesday August 21st along with open practice for the same classes running on Wednesday (50cc, 65cc, 85cc, 250 A/B/C. 450A/B/C). Cost is $25/rider on Tuesday. Dont worry, if you still want to race Wednesday on the supercross day and cant make it Tuesday, you will still get practice on the track Wednesday.

Stock pit bike race for those wanting to race (this means stock.. you may have bars, seat, pegs etc... once you put a pipe or clutch on your considered in the modified/open class)

Mod/open pit bike; this should be self explanatory

We will be having one main moto for each class..(stock,mod) this is for fun and to have a chance to race with a gate drop with your buddys.. and the winners will get prizes too ;)

We will be having a rotating practice schedule in between pit bike motos and pit bikes will also have other practices not just the motos mentioned


Time: 5:30pm - 8:00pm

Pit Bike moto 1 - stock 6:30pm

Pit Bike moto 2 - mod/open 7:15pm

Cost: $25/rider